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Night of the Queer

The Night of the Queer | Auckland Pride

The Night of the Queer is guaranteed to become a calendar event. Curated by James Luck (performer, choreographer and director) this hour-long extravaganza was bold, risque and deliciously satisfying. Intimate tables, fairylights and simmering acts by talented performers took the stage by storm. Ringmaster of a consummate troupe (including circus acts, soul singers, pole performers and burlesque artists), Luck curated…

Henry V

Henry V | Pop-up Globe

In recent times, Shakespeare’s classic military narrative Henry V has boasted all-female casts and female leads to great effect. However, in a return to Jacobean tradition, director Dr Miles Gregory invites all, irrespective of class or creed, to cheer for an English king and his ambition in the all-male war play. Written around 1599, this is a tale of a…

Street Dance NZ

Street Dance NZ | Hip Hop International NZ finals

If you thought hip hop dance was just for teenage boys wearing baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts and lots of bling, you should have been at Hip Hop International (HHI) New Zealand finals. Electric and entertaining, it was a packed evening of high energy performance with styles from classic b-boying, locking and popping to twerking, krumping and, of course, punking and…


Eccocentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts

Personal reflection on the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World Project’s exhibition EcoCentrix held at the Bargehouse, Southbank Oct-Nov 2013 Please note all the views expressed below are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the artist’s or curator’s opinions. ***** Behind the tower. OXO. Not stock or anything like that. Four levels, a former warehouse of sorts. Ghosts leer through…

Beyond the Bard: Michael Kantor and Tom E. Lewis.

Michael Kantor & Melodie Reynolds | Director & Ass. Director of The Shadow King

Copyrighted to Australian Stage Director Michael Kantor is not shy about undertaking ambitious projects and the Malthouse’s production of The Shadow King is no different. The production has been a few years in the making and Kantor recalls that at the time he was very were “interested in discussions with Indigenous theatre makers and had always had a keen eye on collaborating with Tommy…


Patricia Cornelius & Susie Dee | Playwright & Director of Savages

Copyrighted to Australian Stage Conversation about orgasms seemed to be the appropriate way to start an interview with Patricia Cornelius andSusie Dee. Far from being a quick 20 minute chat about Cornelius’ new play Savages to be directed by Dee at fortyfivedownstairs this August, the hour long meander through memory, social consequences, gender perceptions and performing oneself was a provocative and entertaining performance in itself – given…

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