Notes from a Travelling Theatre Director


Intersection of Space: A response to Performing Turtle Island

  Intersection of Space: A response to Performing Turtle Island As an artist but also a scholar, the tensions straddling not just two but multiple worlds becomes obvious in spaces such as a performance studies conferences. This particular node of PSi was based at the First Nations University of Canada on Treaty Four territory and supported by the collaborative efforts…


A Kiwi Perspective: What it means to be at the Lincoln Centre’s directorslab in 2014

The Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts (or more colloquially known just as the Lincoln Centre) doesn’t really ring any bells here in New Zealand. Occasionally a peal here and there but certainly not in any clarion tones.So what if Elia Kazan and Robert Whitehead found a home in the Vivian Beaumont for The Repertory Theatre in 1965? Or that…


Exploring Pueblo Magico: Palizada, Mexico’s City of Magic

In 2013 I was invited by Jon Bonfiglio, founder of The Clipperton Project (TCP) to travel to Mexico and be part of a collective of inspiring individuals committed to social change. The core values of the organization: explore, engage, empower and educate encouraged her to join the group  the journey that involved rowing together in four cayukos (canoes) down just…

MSA 2014 contestants (left to right) Shaayal Gounden Helene Holman Kayla Dittmer Sarah Brodrick (Miss South Auckland 201213) Maria Mafi Shannon Barry Aysaas Tang

Culture and Community right here at home in South Auckland

‘Beauty pageant’. Just say those two words and you might be wondering whether you had accidentally uttered some obscene epithet. Okay, perhaps that’s very good use of hyperbole but in general the facial expressions are far from approving. Raised eyebrows, a slight pursing of the lips, even a barely discernible shake of the head. Because after all thanks to the…


Venturing to the Great White North: Saskatoon Sagas

When I left the warmer climes of Australia and New Zealand for Saskatoon, Canada I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience. An unforgettably frigid experience dominated largely by polar vortexes, but nevertheless it was an opportunity to experience some heartwarming generosity thanks to new friends who made the five weeks much more, shall we say, hospitable. The reason…


Eccocentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts

Personal reflection on the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World Project’s exhibition EcoCentrix held at the Bargehouse, Southbank Oct-Nov 2013 Please note all the views expressed below are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the artist’s or curator’s opinions. ***** Behind the tower. OXO. Not stock or anything like that. Four levels, a former warehouse of sorts. Ghosts leer through…

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