Neil Ieremia | Artistic Director, Black Grace

Neil Ieremia is a hard man to pin down. Not least because he’s just become a father (again) but between choreographing his latest work, As Night Falls, he’s also collaborating with a dance company in Taiwan. “My daughter is only 15 weeks old,” he says, arriving at our interview flushed and out of breath. “I was supposed to have flown out…


Nicholas McBryde | Artistic Director, Arts Festival Dunedin

Arts Festival Dunedin director Nicholas McBryde says there are advantages and challenges programming for the nation’s boutique city. “Every market place has its own challenges and in some ways we have even more – but nevertheless we have a metropolitan vision ourselves. “We’re not here to look good in comparison to any other festival and accordingly I must cut the cloth according to the coat…


Iosefa Enari | Artistic Director, Pacific Dance Festival 2016

The dance traditions of south pacific nations reflect an enormous diversity and according to Sefa Enari, artistic director of the new Pacific Dance Festival, this deserves to be celebrated beyond the usual cultural displays. “Pasifika dance is more than just the traditional showcases in Polyfest and Pasifika festivals. We have contemporary expressions of Pasifika dance and these need to be seen…

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Han Areum | Playwright & Librettist, The Chorus; Oedipus

Contemporary Korean production company Juk-Dal live by their name. Derived from their first show the name means “running with life force and energy”. There is no sense of reprieve; the story and the form always aspire to go beyond, exceeding expectations. It is a shared commitment that playwright and librettist Han Areum and director Seo Jae-Hyung have had for the…

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Danny Ronaldo | Performer, La Cucina dell’Arte

“He was a boy of only 15 years and he fell in love,” says Danny Ronaldo. It’s a romantic start to our conversation but it wasn’t a person that charmed the young lad. The young Peter Adolf, Ronaldo’s great-grandfather’s grandfather, was seduced by none other than the eternal allure of the circus. “He helped break down the tents and then…

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Kali Kopae | Performer, Not in our Neighbourhood

Kali Kopae is known for her virtuoso performances and is an exceptional songstress, but this talented wahine brings more than just acting skills to her latest collaboration with partner Jamie McCaskill. Not in our Neighbourhood is a work that portrays real issues that face real New Zealand women and the challenges expressing and exposing those vulnerabilities. Kopae shares with Dione Joseph how this work is…

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Desiree Burch | Playwright, Tar Baby

Desiree Burch is a story weaver. She begins a braid and like every good weaver she keeps going with her story until it’s time to pull it tight with a bow. It’s a simple and powerful way of storytelling and across multiple time zones this talented playwright and performer caught up with Dione Joseph to weave together some of the…

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Ahi Karunaharan | Playwright, TEA

Ahi Karunaharan would have loved to share his feelings on the upcoming RAW reading over a pot of fresh brew. But with a hectic rehearsal schedule and working full time as a directing intern at Auckland Theatre Company, this actor-turned-playwright/director had to make do with a virtual cuppa exchange as he discussed TEA with Dione Joseph. “When people think of Sri Lanka there are…

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