mike tavioni

I’m old fashioned, I like my culture intact but what I saw on Wednesday night at NiaVal Ngaro’s exhibition at Bergmann was provocative, intimidating in fact… The music, the story of the taro, and especially Dione Joseph’s choreography – it created a controversial work and people need to see it.

Mike Tavioni
Master Carver

“I have absolutely loved working in a contemporary dance style I was so excited to perform and after the hours of rehearsal it just seems to have gone by learning, exploring and working so quickly — I think our youth and young girls have lots of opportunities to learn from choreographers like Dione. I loved the opportunity to be her dancer.”

tiareTiare Enoka

“I have absolutely loved working in a contemporary dance style I was so excited to perform and after the hours of rehearsal it just seems to have gone by learning, exploring and working so quickly — I think our youth and young girls have lots of opportunities to learn from choreographers like Dione. I loved the opportunity to be her dancer.”

angelinaAngelina Mitchell

“Dione is passionate and hard-working with a keen dedication and commitment to supporting indigenous artists share their voices with the world. She has fantastic vision and is a pleasure to work with.”

cian elyseCian Elyse
Performer, Playwright, Director

“Was an absolute pleasure to work with Dione Joseph. There’s an ease to creative flow when working with those whose experience and vision are able to focus the piece. Attributes which Dione displays in spades.”

albert belzAlbert Belz
Playwright, Writer, Director

“Dione Jones is a brilliant director with a strong since of the visual. She creates a collaborative feeling in the rehearsal room. She has an insightful interoperation of the characters and the story.”

Glory KadiganGlory Kadigan
Playwright, Director

“Dione has an impeccable insight into the world of theatre. Her experience and passion is evident in her work as a journalist, a critic and a dramaturg.”

Aroha AwarauAroha Awarau
Playwright, Producer for Native Affairs, Maori Television

“Dione just ‘gets it’. She immediately understood where I was coming from as an artist, and had empathy for the message and goals of my work. She has a far more natural vibe than you get with most interviewers, with the skills to talk about your work on its own terms.”

Desiree BurchDesiree Burch
Playwright, Actor

“Your review of All our Sons was beautifully articulated so both Māori and Pakeha can hear and feel the nuances needed to comprehend the show’s offerings. Aroha & Respect Miss Wordsmith!”

Rob MokarakaRob Mokaraka
Playwright, Actor

“Thank you so much for your beautiful review of Mitimiti. It was the first time I really felt that someone was able to read and translate the work from a multi-indigenous perspective, and to skilfully put into words the diverse contexts from which our varied culture practices emanate. I appreciate the way your writing is in direct dialogue with the happening-ness of the work, as it acknowledges the living essence of dance and community, both here and elsewhere in such a rooted and fulfilling way. Kia ora!!”

jack grayJack Gray, Choreographer
Atamira Dance Company

“I worked closely with Dione when editor with Australian Stage Online and later Aussie Theatre. We shared a passion for theatre and in particular Indigenous theatre and she was always a delight to work with. She always approached her work with commitment and enthusiasm, bringing knowledge, insight and understanding to her writing about the many different elements involved in the creation of a theatrical piece. Her energy is boundless; her commitment to the recognition and valuing of Indigenous cultures across the world without limit; and her determination to build on her knowledge and experience unstoppable. I value her as a friend, a colleague and an outspoken supporter women and Indigenous culture.”

jan chandlerJan Chandler
Arts writer, Editor

“Dione is a multitalented director with lots of energy and absolute commitment. Her passion to her craft shines through her work and provides all part takers a delightful and insightful experience. She is intellectual yet very humble. She is eager to collaborate and takes everyone in consideration. I would love to work with her again.”

Saara Lamberg, Finnish Actor Theatre and FilmSaara Lamberg
Actor, Director

“Dione is an absolute delight to work with. Approachable and professional, her directorial style is open and symbiotic, comfortably allowing the to-and-fro between actors and herself to openly explore in a safe and creative environment, while having the confidence and strength to steer and guide them towards a dynamic result. She is a great communicator which quickly enables you to place your trust with confidence in her instincts.”

Justin Bechtold, Actor, Comedian and ScreenwriterJustin Bechtold
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter

“Thank you for the BEST Critique of a show I’ve ever had the privilege of working on. Kai te mihi au ki to Whakaaro, ki to Wairua i roto i nga kupu!”

taugaroa emileTaugaroa Emile

“A wonderful, inspiring and very intelligent director. I am constantly in admiration of her ambition and dedication. Not only a great artistic mind but a great person as well. Cheers to all her work!”

Jade Thomson, Actor and co-creator of Two Friends ProductionsJade Thomson
Actor, Director

“Dione was director in the BOObook theatre /Melbourne Writers’ Theatre season of short plays MelBorn09 at the Carlton Courthouse. She showed originality and creativity in her directing and managed a challenging script well and was at all times caring and supportive of her cast. Her dedication and commitment is immense while at all times generous of her time and professional in her practice. A tireless worker Dione brings to her directing a wealth of knowledge and experience and a fine sense when interpreting a script.”

Sue Lindsay, Artistic Director BOObook theatreSue Lindsay
Artistic Director, BOObook Theatre

“Dione Joseph is extraordinarily bright young woman. She is a talented theatre director, a person of integrity and a gifted communicator. Having directed a prolific number of shows and absorbed and integrated many modalities into her expanding theatre practice. She has high expectations of herself and others. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. In her 2010 production of Cosi I witnessed her collaborate with people of diverse gender, ability and culture with compassion and a fabulous sense of fun!”

Janet Watson Kruse, Actor and SingerJanet Watson Kruse
Actor, Singer

“It was a pleasure working with Dione. As assistant director on The Fury she had incredible eye for detail, and was able to help build on character scenes, catching the little things and constructively critiquing scenes of deep emotion, keeping us focused and on our toes. She is easy to get along with, and facilitated things in a calm and relaxed manner, giving the actors space as well as assisting us in keeping our intensity. Given the chance, I’d love to work with her again.”

Josiah Lulham – Actor Theatre and FilmJosiah Lulham

“I had an awesome time working with Dione – the experience was at once challenging, confronting, inspiring, draining and ultimately extremely rewarding … she is a talented director and exceptionally organised and interesting to be around.”

Tamara Donnellan, Actor Theatre and Film Tamara Donnellan

“Dione is truly an actor’s director. She understands how actors work, how we think, and tailors her direction so as to get the best out of each of us. Dione also has a knack for dissecting and deconstructing the text to get to the heart of the play, and works with a delicate touch to ensure its voice is clearly heard. Her creativity, intuition and dedication to the craft sets her apart from other directors and it was a priviledge to have been able to work under her direction.”

Keith Brockett, Actor, Theatre and FilmKeith Brockett

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dione as director of ‘Curtain Call’ for Mudfest 2011. From day one, she had a clear vision of the piece as a whole, as well as the intricacies that made up each individual character. Despite having such a well thought out structure, Dione never once imposed upon the actor’s natural character development process. It was a challenging piece to bring to life in a linear way, but Dione’s interpretation allowed the audience to enjoy every nuance of an extremely complex play.”

Katherine Innes, Actor Theatre and Film Katherine Innes

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dione on the production of Student Body. As a first time actor and very new to the theatre scene Dione was very welcoming and the perfect guide to the world of the stage.”

Rachel Fong, Actor, Video Editor and Vision MixerRachel Fong
Actor, Video Editor, Vision Mixer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dione on several occasions and in some challenging environments. Dione is always completely focussed, professional and has a very strong sense of vision when it comes to seeing the bigger picture. She always strives to get the absolute best performance possible from her cast.”

Kevin Dee, Actor Theatre and FilmKevin Dee

“Dione Joseph works in a methodical manner taking actors through a process that firstly anchors the key elements of the play, then as rehearsals progress she fine tunes dialogue, blocking and character. Actors are given room to allow their characters to grow and provides notes that are timely and relevant, building on and expanding the actor’s creation. Dione is gentle, persuasive, firm when necessary and overall a delight to work with”

Peter Berzanskis, Actor Theatre and FilmPeter Berzanskis

“Dione is a confident and assured director. She has an intuitive understanding of her actors, the material and what will work on stage. She approached the work (Curtain Call) with a strong theatrical vision which made it easier as an actor to find my way into the character. Dione creates a safe environment and then demands a lot from her actors. She is open, trusting, highly intelligent, warm, fun and I would work with her again in a heart beat.Thanks again Dione!”

Maria Papas, Actor Theatre and FilmMaria Papas

“Dione Joseph’s writing is driven by a deep, unwavering hunger and passion for high-quality theatre. She displays a sharp critical insight and best of all, an immense love for theatre.”

Nathan JoeNathan Joe
Playwright, Critic

“Aotearoa is one of the youngest countries in the world with our performing arts industry still in the process of defining itself. Dione Joseph is an important voice within this discovery. It is through her eloquent critiques, cultural debates and dramaturgical expertise that we can see ourselves.”

Rochelle BrightRochelle Bright
Librettist, Bullet Heart Club